THN (Germany)

TH N├╝rnberg Georg-Simon-Ohm

Film & Animation at THN consists of practical training with special emphasis placed on cinematic narrative in the context of film history as well as digital visual possibilities. In various projects, students work on fiction films, music videos, commercials, image films, title design and station IDs and experimental or artistic products. Each one of these sub-genres is dealt with creatively on its own special terms. Students begin with a concept and storyboards and proceed to animatics, principal photography, editing, music and all other aspects of post-production. Learning how to present and pitch projects is also dealt with along with project management and production. Students have access to professional equipment such as AVID, Maya, XSI, Shake, After Effects and ProTools. The standards set are on an international level. The theoretical part of the program includes film history, creative and technical components of filmmaking as well as production in the age of visual design. Workshops and film screenings round out the program.

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