TAMK (Finland)

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) offers Bachelor and Master level studies for approximately 10,000 students in seven educational fields one of which is Media. TAMK offers 5 Bachelor's degree programmes, which are fully taught in English. The Bachelor's Programmes are Environmental Engineering, International Business, Media, Nursing and Tourism. The focus of the Media programme is on interactive media content design and production. The students learn about current digital media issues and they specialise in visual design, interaction design or project management. The first two years provide a broad perspective on digital design, production, business, and skills in the selected specialisation. The third and fourth years consist of studies abroad, practical training, the bachelor's thesis and free choice studies. The areas of application include web design and services, games, mobile media, multimedia, cross media and interactive installations.
Studying in the Media Programme is typically hands-on, project-based, business-oriented, international and most often conducted in cooperation with partner companies.

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