SAPIR (Israel)

Sapir College, School of Audio and Visual Arts

The Sapir College brings to the Negev a pulse of creativity, critical thinking and renewed energy that plays a crucial role in the ability to affect the country as a whole. The ambition is to create and nurture an empowered civil society in a poverty stricken multi-ethnic region of Israel. The School of Audio and Visual Arts is currently producing a new generation of talented professionals who creatively relate both to their own experiences and to the world around them. They provide a new cinematographic way of telling stories, often stories that have fallen by the wayside. These are the unheard voices of Israel's periphery, in films made by those who live there and don't fear facing their reality. The School of Audio and Visual Arts is a school that seeks to redraw the social and cultural agenda of Israel and the relationship to its surroundings. The School has initiated and established a number of cultural and social enterprises, including the creation of the Sderot Cinematheque, as well as cinema communities in Israel's southern population centers, and the International Cinema South Festival. Our hope is that our works will bring refreshing social and cinematic tidings to Israeli society and to our neighbors in Gaza.

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