Tuesday, 11/5/2019

Meet the Filmmakers: WHITE GOLD

Interview with director Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez

Meet the Filmmakers: WHITE GOLD

Director Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez


What would be the teaser text for your film WHITE GOLD?

The water supplies of the indigenous Kolla and Attacama are threatened by the exploitation of their lands through international lithium companies. (Also: Llamas!)

Where does the inspiration for your film come from?

A strange combination of a bad consumer conscience and an urge to do something.

Which three people from film and television would you like to spend an evening with? Why? And what are you doing?

I want to sit on a Mexican rooftop with Agnes Varda, Sherlock Holmes and Wanda Sykes, eating chilaquiles for dinner, drinking Mezcal.

What's your favorite film quote?

"Squeak squeaker squeak squeakity."

For which film would you like to shoot the sequel?



What is your favourite film - officially and secretly?

I don't really have one favourite film of all time. But my favourite film this year is MIDNIGHT FAMILY by Luke Lorentzen. I won't tell you my secret. You can guess. It is animated and has a talking llama in it. I guess I do have a thing for llamas.

What was your favorite film festival experience so far?

When I was at "Film Festival della Lessinia" this year. It´s a small film festival in the Italian mountains. They were so cordially and really made us feel like a part of the festival family. (And the food was amazing! ;) )

Keyword "Munich". What comes to your mind first?

Second home