Wednesday, 11/13/2019

Meet the Filmmakers: LITTLE BOXES

Interview with director Moritz Schlögell

Meet the Filmmakers: LITTLE BOXES

Director Moritz Schlögell


What would be the teaser text for your film LITTLE BOXES?

Kathrin wants to get her daughter Emma an internship. At a sales party for plastic boxes she tries to introduce her to the travel agency manager Ivonne. But Emma despises her mother's suburban housewife world.

Where does the inspiration for your film come from?

In most cases I write with screenwriters, who are friends of mine. In order to tell a story as personal as possible, we look for overlaps in our fields of interest. We all know people who involuntarily reduce their existence to parenthood and completely forget themselves. That's why we thought that such a person deserves to have his or her own story.

Which three people from film and television would you like to spend an evening with? Why? And what are you doing?

I would like to go play billiards with Bong Joon-ho, Guillermo del Toro and Emma Thompson. I am very bad at it, but I think it would be fun.

For which film would you like to shoot the sequel?

SNOWPIERCER by Bong Joon-ho

What is your favourite film - officially and secretly?


Keyword "Munich". What comes to your mind first?

It's disproportionately difficult to get a beer after 8:00 pm.