Thursday, 11/7/2019

Meet the Filmmakers: JUPITER

Interview with director Benjamin Pfohl

Meet the Filmmakers: JUPITER

Director Benjamin Pfohl with main actress Greta Bohacek


What would be the teaser text for your film JUPITER?

Growing up is a task of cosmic dimensions.

Where does the inspiration for your film come from?

Coming of age, the detachment from one's parents and finding one's own way, to me has always been the most exciting phase of human life. I wanted to exaggerate that, to tell about it with all the impact it means for a young person in this very moment. Also, I have always felt a creepy fascination for religious groups. And right now I am observing people all over the world turning to radical worldviews in search of simple answers to a complicated world. That was something I wanted to deal with. Somehow these two themes came together in a single film.

Which three people from film and television would you like to spend an evening with? Why? And what are you doing?

I go with actor Bill Murray, director Greta Gerwig and mastermind Spike Jonze. Because. First we do a marathon of early Godard-films, then we drink bourbon and play "truth or dare".

What's your favorite film quote?

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" - DOWN BY LAW, Jim Jarmusch

For which film would you like to shoot the sequel?

I don’t believe in sequels.

What is your favourite film - officially and secretly?

That's Francis Ford Coppola’s APOCALYPSE NOW. Period. To me, it is the essence of cinema, it’s genesis the essence of filmmaking. There is no secret beyond that. But I do have a strong affinity to the French Cinéma du look.

What was your favorite film festival experience so far?

That was definitely Cannes. If you ever doubt the power (or future) of cinema, go to Cannes. See the mile-long queues at the box offices, watch a premiere at a packed Theatre Lumière, do standing ovations with thousands of cinephiles. Get enchanted, go back to work.