Wednesday, 11/6/2019

Meet the Filmmakers: FINE

Interview with director Maya Yadlin

Meet the Filmmakers: FINE

Director Maya Yadlin


What would be the teaser text for your film FINE?

A father, a mother and two daughters are on their way to a holiday meal. Around them a huge and endless desert. This is not an easy situation to get in to…

Where does the inspiration for your film come from?

Watching my family in our daily life. And our conflicts, which seem stupid and regular but reveal complex family dynamics.

Which three people from film and television would you like to spend an evening with? Why? And what are you doing?

1. Jim Jarmusch - not because I admire his films, but because every time I watch an interview with him, he makes me laugh so hard. I just want him to talk to me. No matter what about.

2. Eyal Shani - an Israeli chef. I want to watch him cook an entire meal for me and eat it afterwards, for free.

3. Francoise Hardy - I would like her to take me to her closet, which she had in her youth, and give me all there is in there.

What's your favorite film quote?

"You talkin' to me?"- It's just what I say when I don't know what to say…

What is your favourite film - officially and secretly?

Officially - AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE. I like that it's a story about everyday life, I like the characters, the actresses, the director and the fact that all of them are women. Secretly - THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY - and I am not ashamed of it. It's about two dogs and a cat. Every good film I see, I feel like the characters and the relationship between them are inspired by this movie.

What was your favorite film festival experience so far?

When me and my sister (who is also an actress in my film) choked with laughter in the middle of a Q&A after the screening. Don't ask me about what.

Keyword "Munich". What comes to your mind first?

"cold","beer", "cold beer"



  • This film will be screened in Program 9
  • Film School: Minshar School For the Arts
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