Wednesday, 11/13/2019

Meet the Filmmakers: BE THE FROG!

Interview with director Eveline Schönfeld

Meet the Filmmakers: BE THE FROG!

Director Eveline Schönfeld


What would be the teaser text for your film BE THE FROG!?

Giving up was never an option for Wilhelm. The impressive story of a man who stands firm in life despite his ill leg.

Where does the inspiration for your film come from?

I wanted to make a documentary about humans that inspire me. I had to think of my grandfather right away, as he has always been a role model to me.

Which three people from film and television would you like to spend an evening with? Why? And what are you doing?

With Charlie Brooker I would love to travel to the future for an evening to see which of his gloomy predictions from BLACK MIRROR have come true!

With Leonardo DiCaprio, I'd like to plan an environmental documentary that uncovers previously undiscovered facts! Of course we will shoot the documentary together afterwards.

I am a big fan of Carolin Kebekus. She is an inspiring, humorous woman with a strong presence. I think, even garden work would be fun with that woman.

What's your favorite film quote?

"The things you own, they end up owning you." - Tyler Durden

For which film would you like to shoot the sequel?

I'm not a fan of sequels at all, because I have far too high expectations. But I can never get enough of Christopher Nolan's movies. The man is a genius!

What is your favourite film - officially and secretly?

Officially MEMENTO and  secretly THE LION KING

What was your favorite film festival experience so far?

At my first festival participation with BE THE FROG! at the Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, I was accompanied by my parents and grandparents. That was a really emotional moment for me.

Keyword "Munich". What comes to your mind first?

I love Bavarian culture, nature, the food and Dirndl! Who knows? Maybe I will call this city home, one day.



  • This film will be screened in Program 1
  • Film School: Hochschule Macromedia