Friday, 11/16/2018

Meet the Filmmakers: MATHIAS

Interview with director Clara Stern

Meet the Filmmakers: MATHIAS

Director Clara Stern


Write a one-sentence teaser text for your film MATHIAS.

Trans man Mathias navigates his life struggling with his new job, his longterm girl friend and his wish to fit in.

Which film was the first to deeply impress you?

I can’t remember a time without stories - from books or films, but I know that „Ronja The Robber’s Daughter“ by Tage Danielsson was a very important film in my childhood for me.

A new TV series about studying film needs a title – which would you choose?

"Don’t Try to Fit In"

Which actor or actress would you love to work with and why?

Oh, this changes quite often, but perhaps Carey Mulligan because I like actors who can express a lot without using words.

If your film was an animal, what animal would it be?

I think MATHIAS would be a huge, young dog: playful, insecure, trusting, curious, underestimating his strength.

 Scene from MATHIAS

What do your grandparents think you do as a job?

My two grandmothers are very different, one understands what I am doing as she is a great lover of theater and film, the other one asks me when she can see me on TV.

What would you be if you weren’t a filmmaker?

I do work as a presenter/moderator for film talks and for youth events on the side so I guess more of that.



Is this your first visit to Munich? What do you expect from the city and the festival?

I am honored to return to FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH, I presented my short film WAITING TIME here in 2017 and I had a great time, so I am very much looking forward to coming back to Munich.