Wednesday, 11/15/2017

New Technology Partner

Cloudbased film submission with Aspera

New Technology Partner


This year, the FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH is using Aspera Files™, a unique SaaS solution from Aspera, an IBM company, that enables reliable, high-speed digital delivery and secure management of feature films in DCP format (Digital Cinema Packages).

With Aspera, participating partners worldwide can quickly and securely upload their content in shared cloud-based storage, regardless of file size or network conditions. Filmfest organizers can then download the DCP files for quality checks and further processing.

Filmstudents and Filmschools showed a high degree of acceptance already in the first year, with 90% of all films delivered with Aspera Files™ resulting in a 4 TB transfer volume.

By using Aspera, the Filmschoolfest organizer has saved a significant amount of time and collaborated with local and remote partners more effectively to ensure all content is delivered flawlessly for an optimal festival experience.