Friday, 11/20/2015

Meet the Filmmakers: MARS CLOSER

Interview with directors Annelie Boros & Vera Maria Brückner

Meet the Filmmakers:  MARS CLOSER

Directors Vera Maria Brückner & Annelie Boros


What is the teaser text for your film MARS CLOSER?

Paul Leeming and Pauls Irbins applied for a one-way trip to planet Mars. For the fulfilling of their dream they will leave everything they have ever known behind.

What is the original idea of your film – how did it all start?

The Second Documentary Film at our film school is a group project of two students. In the beginning we wanted to make a film about astronauts who were trained but never able to fly into space. During the research we came across the Mars One project which caught our interest immediately. We had a hard time finding a subject on which both of us could agree. Finally this was the idea out of a million and a long research period started.

What was your highlight during the process of filmmaking?

Our film was an experiment to settle the film in the future and to make our protagonist imagine their travel to mars. It was amazing to see how a fictional task can make characters achieve beautiful improvisation in a documentary setting. We totally fell in love with the blurry line between fiction and documentary and wanted to push its boundaries.

Scene from MARS CLOSER

If you weren't a filmmaker, you'd be…?

Vera: Musician. Although I can’t sing or even play an instrument. Still I believe if you can manage it it’s the best life you can have.

Annelie: Singer in a band with with five people who play 18 different instruments. Like trumpets and saxophone.

Is it your first time in Munich? What do you expect of the city and the festival?

Vera: We are both born and raised in or near Munich. I expect my city to grow and develop every year. I attended the festival several times and I am proud to take part this year.

Annelie: I am looking forward to see all these different films and to meet the filmmakers and new friends to have great discussions and parties as in the last years.