Monday, 11/2/2015

Meet the Filmmakers: FRAME DROP

Interview with director Neil Soffer

Meet the Filmmakers: FRAME DROP

Director Neil Soffer with main actor Joshua Pagan


What is the teaser text for your film FRAME DROP?

Ned, a meticulous young man, sets up his first apartment, but a phenomenon occurs, forcing him to question his strict plan.

What is the original idea of your film – how did it all start?

My gifted co-writer and editor came up with the original idea after my cellphone fell into a cardboard box while my friends and I were hanging out. It took me a few moments to find it, and we were intrigued with the idea of something just falling and disappearing without any explanation and there’s nothing we could do about it. From then on we started a journey of finding the character and story and exploring what about this possible enigma was so intriguing for us.

Scene from FRAME DROP

What was your highlight during the process of filmmaking?

I think the highlight was seeing the main character, Ned (Joshua Pagan), in wardrobe inside the dressed location for the first time. I can’t think of something more humbling than that moment of realization that a story and a vision you had in your mind have become real life. And it can only happen and work in a true collaboration with the other keys. It’s a baby with many parents, who all share one great passionate love.

If you weren't a filmmaker, you'd be…?

If for some reason I couldn’t be a filmmaker, I’d be a writer or a musician. But I can write and make music as a filmmaker as well. If I couldn’t be an artist, I would probably do my best to become a neuroscientist.

FRAME DROP - Behind the scenes

Is it your first time in Munich? What do you expect of the city and the festival?

It’s indeed my first time in Munich. I’ve been to Berlin twice and fell in love, so I’m very excited to discover more parts of Germany. I’m hoping to absorb as much as I can culturally and artistically from both the city and the amazing minds that I’ll be surrounded by. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerge in intellectual conversations with passionate and talented filmmakers from all over the world, and learn from every moment (and have a great time, of course.)





Director Neil Soffer will be attending the festival. In case you can not come to the screening and Q&A, post your questions on Twitter - don't forget to use the following hashtags: #fsfmuc15 & #askthedirector.