Thursday, 10/29/2015

The Jury 2015

Portrait of this year's FILMSCHOOLFEST Jury

The Jury 2015

The Jury 2015: Thure Lindhardt, Anaïs Ruales, Marco Kreuzpaintner (© Anne Wilk), Nil Varol, Neil Fox


This year's FILMSCHOOLFEST Jury is now confirmed.

Jury President 2015 is director Marco Kreuzpaintner. Kreuzpaintner is known for films like ENTERING REALITY (1999); DER ATEMKÜNSTLER (2001), for which he was nominated for the talent award First Steps; and GANZ UND GAR (2003). SUMMER STORM premiered in 2004 at the Filmfest München where it received the audience award. Director Roland Emmerich then invited the young director to helm the production TRADE starring Academy Award Winner Kevin Kline. Later Kreuzpaintner directed KRABAT, the screen adaptation of Otfried Preussler’s novel “The Satanic Mill” starring David Kross (THE READER). KRABAT became one of the biggest box office successes in 2008, won the Bavarian Film Award and was nominated for the German Film Award in several categories. After KRABAT, Kreuzpaintner founded the production company Summerstorm Entertainment in Berlin and developed several projects such as COMING IN in 2013.

The other Jury members are:

Thure Lindhardt: Thure Lindhardt is a Danish actor. His breakthrough was his portrayal of a boy with autism in A PLACE NEARBY. Other films he appearded in include INTO THE WILD, PRINCESS, FLAMES & CITRON and THE BORGIAS. He als played the male lead in 3096 DAYS - the film about the man who kidnapped Natascha Kampusch as a young girl and kept her prisoner for eight years.

Nil Varol: Nil Varol worked as a journalist for several radio stations and for ZDF. She currently works as a reporter and film critic for the daily cultural program Kulturzeit on 3sat.

Neil Fox: Neil Fox is a key member of the programming team of Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), he supports the creation of a diverse and exciting programme, acquiring a dynamic range of titles for the Festival.

Anaïs Ruales: Anaïs Ruales is a filmmaker, screenwriter and cinematographer. She studied cinematography at La Fémis. Her final project BURUNDANGA won the VFF Young Talent Award for Best Film at the 2014 FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH.



  • Masterclass  with jury president Marco Kreuzpaintner, Nov. 19, 11:00 AM
  • The Jury presents... TRADE  by Marco Kreuzpaintner, Nov. 21, 4:00 PM