Tuesday, 11/13/2012

Promising New Filmmakers

Bavarian Broadcasting Short Film Night

Promising New Filmmakers Lisa (Anne Ratte-Polle) and colleague (Enno Hesse) in DIE WELT DANACH - © SWR During the Munich International Festival of Film Schools, on Wednesday, November 14th at 11:45 pm, Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) will be airing a short film program with films by two students of the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg that were partly made with the collaboration of BR. DIE WELT DANACH ( 25  min.) deals with a fictional nuclear waste accident in a salt mine.  Julia C. Kaiser wrote the screenplay.  It  stars Anne Ratte-Polle and Jürgen Tonkel  and is directed by Jens Wischnewski. It is Kaiser und Wischnewski's diploma film.

Marie (Anne von Keller) and Fabian (Thomas Fränzel) in AMOKLOVE - © FABW

Also in the program are: AMOKLOVE ( 2008), written and directed by Julia C. Kaiser and DER LETZTE REST, also from 2008, about a harassed schoolgirl who seeks solace at a sex party  (written by Kaiser, directed by Wischnewski).

Der letzte Rest
Kathrin Bode (Judith von Radetzky) consoles her daughter Jenny (Jella Haase)

As with DIE WELT DANACH,  LIVE STREAM (also 2009) is a BR coproduction. In the 45 minute film, a young woman announces that she will broadcast her upcoming suicide live on the internet. It stars acclaimed German actors Anna Maria Mühe and Matthias Brandt.

Live Stream
Anne Krämer (Anna Maria Mühe) und Prof. Philipp Hofmann (Matthias Brandt)
in LIVE STREAM - © Benjamin F. Wieg