Wednesday, 11/7/2012

The New M.C. Team

Natalie Spinell joins Michael Stadler this year as M.C.

The New M.C. Team Michael Stadler and Natalie Spinell

Starting November 12, the 50 festival films can be seen in 10 programs at the Munich Filmmuseum. Many of the young directors are in Munich to present their films in person. Traditionally, two M.C.s have introduced a introduced the films and their directors and moderated the Q & A sessions. For the entire week, four programs a day and roughly 20 directors.

Michael Stadler is an old hand at this. The actor and cultural affairs journalist is also one of the presenters at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. Natalie Spinell joins him this year for the first time as co-moderator at the MUNICH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FILM SCHOOLS.

Natalie Spinell has been an actress since shildhood. She has been studying directing at the University of Television and Film in Munich since 2007. Her short, VIKI FICKI, won the PANTHERPREIS for best German language production at last year's festival.

Stadler's long-time partner, Christoph Gröner, left the duo last year but continues to work for Filmfest München as a programmer.