Tuesday, 11/13/2012

The 2012 Filmmakers II

Wu Linfeng, Director of DOUBLE HAPPINESS

The 2012 Filmmakers II Wu Linfeng, Director of DOUBLE HAPPINESS

Which situations or people inspired you to make your movie?
Women... always women inspired me...

Is there a specific movie/director that was the reason for you becoming a filmmaker?
Jia Zhangke and Woody Allen...  I think Woody is my role model, because he is not very tall..just like me.. and Jia Zhangke is even shorter... I feel comfortable standing beside them

What was the best/funniest/worst thing that happened making this movie?
We had a open truck for transport equipment, and... it started raining...

Is the movie relating to something in your life?
It is based on my mother's true story

Would you like to make films outside of your own country?
Yes... the beer is so great and cheap in Germany.

Nowadays everyone can make a movie and publish it online. As a youngfilmmaker how do you think it's possible to stand out among the mass of movies that's out there?
Get selected by Munich film festival of film schools

If you weren't a filmmaker, you'd be a…?
Gangster or Psychologist.