Tuesday, 10/18/2011

The Selectors

The three experts of the independent selection committee

The Selectors Myriam Alexowitz, Arben Zharku, Katja Ferwagner As always, an independent committee has selected the films participating in the festival. Not an easy task. There were 282 submitted films to watch, discuss and evaluate. All three experts viewed more than 68 hours of footage to pick the most interesting films for the festival competition. 

The members of the 2011 selection committee:

Myriam Alexowitz (Cologne), free-lance writer and festival curator (for, among others, the Kolkata International Film Festival and the Mumbai International Film Festival). She is also the Artistic Director of the Comedy Cluj Filmfestival in Romania.

Katja Ferwagner (Munich), a journalist and editor of the pop culture program Tracks on the German-French TV station ARTE.

Arben Zharku (Prishtina), actor, producer, co-founder and festival director of the SKENA UP International Students Film and Theatre Festival in Prishtina, and Chairman of the Board of the Kosovo Film Center.