HMS (Deutschland)

Hamburg Media School

 The Master of Arts in Film at the Hamburg Media School is designed for young, talented filmmakers, who want to establish themselves in film as writers, directors, producers, or camera crew. The goal of this program is to provide participants with all of the necessary expertise, technique, and social skills in order to be able to work autonomously and in a focused manner as writers, directors, producers, or camera crew, in a realm in which art and business overlap. In two years of full-time coursework, one major factor is working together to develop and produce three short films. Teams work under realistic conditions to create 18 films per year from a range of narrative genres. These have a great influence on graduates’ ability to begin successful careers as filmmakers. Each year, the course qualifies six students from the fields of scriptwriting, directing, production, and camera to master the complexities of how to establish themselves in the context of the development and production of film and television projects.

Key program goals include:

  • Mastery of relevant filmmaking techniques
  • Development of a sure handling of form and style
  • Knowledgeable application of storytelling principles
  • Acquisition of broad professional skills
  • Development and promotion of creativity

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