HKBU (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Film

The Academy of Film is dedicated to the provision of cinematic-arts and creative media education to cultivate talented professionals capable of contributing to Hong Kong’s arts and cultural industries. It is currently Hong Kong’s flagship film school in terms of its size, breadth of programs, distinguished alumni and strong industry connections. As early as the 1970s, the Hong Kong Baptist University offered Hong Kong’s first film- and video-production course, as well as classes in cinema studies. The Department was upgraded and renamed the Academy of Film in 2009. The Academy currently offers four full-time programs to over 750 students at higher diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels. The Academy has a strong teaching and research team comprised of more than fifty teaching staff. The expertise of our faculty includes the following areas: film and media studies, film and television production, script writing, post-production, digital animation and media arts.

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