FÉMIS (France)

La Fémis

La FÉMIS offers technical, creative and cultural training for professions in the fields of cinema and audio-visual media. La FÉMIS was founded in 1986 to succeed IDHEC and is a state institution run by the Ministry of Culture and Communication since 1998. The campus of La FÉMIS is situated on the grounds of the former Pathé Studios in Rue Francoeur. For the past twenty years, La FEMIS has educated more that 600 media professionals and plays an important role in the audio-visual world. The credits of feature films, TV movies, television and radio broadcasts as well as multimedia projects are full of the names of graduates of La FÉMIS, a professional academy that is fully committed to artistry.
The four goals of La FÉMIS are:

  • Basic education and advanced training
  • Cooperation with schools and institutes for audio-visual media abroad
  • Production and distribution of films and documents which are in accord with the philosophy of La FÉMIS
  • Support and advancement of cinema culture

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