DFFB (Germany)

Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin

The DFFB is a well-established film academy (founded in 1966). As one of Germany’s oldest film schools it has a long tradition of training creative film industry professionals. Working on a relatively small budget, the DFFB succeeds in striking the right balance between training in the artistic dimension of filmmaking and fostering a commercial understanding in students which can also be seen in the exceptional and extremely professional films by our students. Its strong links with the European film industry make it well-placed to bring together film students from across the continent, the DFFB has kept pace with the times and its courses are tailor-made to prepare students to work in today’s film and television industry. The DFFB adopts a pioneering approach to practice-based film training. The DFFB’s professional level courses are structured to focus on the key tools of the trade in filmmaking: directing, scriptwriting, production and cinematography. The DFFB also sets particular store by the vital creative aspects of filmmaking.

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