KHK (Germany)

Kunsthochschule Kassel

The University of Art and Design in Kassel was founded in 1777. Several distinguished artists, such as Johann Tischbein the Elder and Arnold Bode, the founder of the documenta, have been employed as teachers at the School. Fine Art, Visual Communication and Product Design can be studied alongside Art Education and History of Art. In this way, the School actively promotes the parallel development of artistic free-thinking and academic reasoning. The main fields of study are film directing, screenwriting, production design, cinematography, film editing, production. Students decide on the genres they wish to be trained in: feature films, documentaries, experimental and animated films. Graduates of the school include artists like Gunter Demnig, Karl Schaper and Hans Haacke as well as Oscar winners Thomas Stellmach and the Lauenstein Brothers.

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