Award winners 2016

Award Ceremony in the Photo Diary

Best Film:
VFF Young Talent Award

Sponsor: VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film- und Fernsehproduzenten mbH
Prize: 7,500 €


by Anna Cazenave-Cambet
La Femis, École Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de l'Image et du Son, France

GABBER LOVER Screenwriter Marlene Poste with award donor Prof. Flechsig

The Jury:
"The Grand Prix goes to GABBER LOVER for a deeply emotional and character driven story with minimalistic, but convincing acting, precise directing and beautiful photography. It brings a world of subculture into an environment where it is not expected, but at the same time it’s a universal and brave love story."


Best Script:
Luggi Waldleitner-Award

Sponsor: Family Waldleitner
Prize: 3,000 €


by Albert Meisl
University of Music and Performing Arts Wien, Austria

Michael Waldleitner, Angela Waldleitner and director Albert Meisl

The Jury:
"Mr. Szabo and Mr. Fitzthum; an inventive and expertly timed encounter of the unusual kind. The film THE BURDEN OF MEMORY is full of smart humour, self-deprecating irony and precise situational comedy. With a delight in exaggeration, lots of contrast and interpersonal compilations, we are in for twenty wonderful minutes of movie-watching."


Special Mention

Kirsikka Saari for

Aalto University/ ELO Film School Helsinki, Finland

Michael Waldleitner with Kirsikka Saari

The Jury:
"A special mention for best screenplay goes to a reduced, original and deep drama that takes place in everyday life and shows an authentic but struggling character being true to herself. The film’s story is universal and touching, which is also achieved by the convincing dialogues."


Best Documentary:

Sponsor: Arnold & Richter Cine Technik
Prize: 4,000 € worth of rental services by ARRI


by Alexander Zubovlenko
Russian State University of Cinematography, Russia

Director Alexander Zubovlenko with Management Director of ARRI Prof. Kraus

The Jury:
"CINDERELLA is a complete, neutral observation of a personal struggle for happiness. The director manages to show frank and desperate moments in a woman's life so close that it is almost uncomfortable for us to watch. It is shot in a manner that supports storytelling and so the author brings the audience extremely close to the protagonist and the context of the society she lives in and that is still valid in many countries."


Best Camera:
Student Camera Award

For students of a German language university
Sponsor: Film & TV Kameramann
Prize: 1,000 €


by Annika Pinske
Camera: Ben Bernhard
Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, Germany

Ben Bernhard with award donor Timo Landsiedel

The Jury:
"A strong, emotional story about father and daughter relationship, shown in unexpected settings, with beautiful camera work and photography. The filmmakers managed to find unconventional angles and beautifully composed pictures that support the storyline. In such a short time it shows more about love, trust and relations than some feature films."


Best Animation:
zweiB Award

Sponsor: zweiB GmbH
Prize: prize money of € 1,000 and a professional DCP-Mastering (worth € 1,500)


by Renata Gasiorowska
Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School Lodz, Poland

Renata Gasiorowska, director of PUSSY, with Tammo Buhren, award donor and head of zweiB

The Jury:
"PUSSY is a daring, playful, creative and smart film which shows us intimate moments, and at the same time uncovers political and social issues which usually stay quiet. It's a film that empowers both male and female individuals to accept their bodies and desires. We just love it!"




by Florian Tscharf
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Florian Tscharf with Barbara Häbe (ARTE)

The Jury of the ARTE-Shortfilm-Award (Barbara Häbe and Daniela Muck):
"Florian Tscharf’s film MAYDAY RELAY is an SOS signal and a scream of helplessness at the same time, in the face of a huge and seemingly endless flood of refugees. An intense chamber play between a father and daughter which gets under your skin, leaving us baffled, angry and sad. What’s left for us to do if not even 30 out 100 people can be saved? A desperate conflict of conscience, which leaves the question of guilt and innocence up to each individual, while at the same time painting a terrific portrait of the relationship between two generations. We congratulate the filmmaker on his intense, powerful film and are very pleased to award him the ARTE-Shortfilm-Award."


Best Production:

For students of a European university
Sponsor: Panther GmbH
Prize: Panther's state-of-the-art dolly equipment for a period of four weeks worth 5,000 €


by Sophie Linnenbaum
Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Germany

Director Sophie Linnenbaum with Panther award donor Andreas Fitz

The Panther-Award Jury (Lydia Bittl, Andy Fitz, Christopher Schuller):
"The jury was persuaded by the way the film shows what is not visible. The outstanding directing and effective staging of the actors was very convincing. The praiseworthy cinematography rounds out the whole picture."


Female Filmmakers Award

Sponsor: Interfilm Akademie München
Prize: 1,500 €


by Renata Gasiorowska
Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School Lodz, Poland

Award winning director Renata Gasiorowska and the jury of the Female Filmmakers Award: Arthur Lecouturier, Uisenma Borchu, Renata Gasiorowska, Dr. Peter Marinković, Stine Munch, Galina Antoschewskaja and Bettina Ehrhardt

Jury statement:
"For us, PUSSY is an inspiration to discover who we really are, no matter if you are a male or female or both or whatever! And you'll see, if you understand yourself, there is confidence in it. There is the strength and the power enough to peacefully overcome every struggle. If you want a better future you will have to start with yourself."


Most original film:

Sponsor: Freundeskreis-Wolfgang-Längsfeld e.V.
Prize: 3,000 €


by Paloma Rincón
Escuela de Cine y Televisión, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Last year's winner Michael Binz, Paloma Rincón, Margrét Rún and Joachim Masannek

The Jury of the Wolfgang-Längsfeld-Award (Michael Binz, Joachim Massanek, Sabine Längsfeld):
"The film  BARK, directed by Paloma Rincón, faces us with the biggest taboo of our modern society, the helplessness and ugliness of old age and transforms it into beauty, dignity and freedom with the unbelievable simplicity of its art. So we announce it as the most original film of this festival. "


Audience Award

Sponsor: Freundeskreis FILMFEST MÜNCHEN
Prize: € 1,500


by Sophie Linnenbaum
Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Germany

Two awards for Sophie Linnenbaum the Audience Award and the Panther Prize


Climate Clips Award

Sponsor: Nagelschneider Stiftung
Prize: 1. Prize - 5,000 €, 2. Prize - 3,000 €, 3. Prize - 1,000 €

Gisela Scola, Nagelschneider Foundation, Brigitte Bruns, jury member, Steffen Rodewoldt, producer of winning shortfilm ETERNAL SUMMER, Elvira Blumfelde, director of third placed short YO MAMA, Benjamin Pfohl, director of the winning film ETERNAL SUMMER, Blagovest Danov, director of the second placed short THE END and Beatrice Scola, Nagelschneider Foundation

by Benjamin Pfohl
HFF München, Germany

The Climate-Clips-Jury:
"Heat changes our planet into a no-go-area, people can survive only with the help of technology. An urgent call for action: “Stop global warming”. The Jury congratulates the winner of the 1st prize on creating virtuous images for this scenario in no more than one and a half minutes. A contrast to all the nice clips under the same title in the internet."


2. Prize: THE END
by Blagovest Danov
National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Climate-Clips-Jury:
"No room for overwhelming plastic garbage on this planet? There seems to be only one solution: to find exterritorial places to get rid of it, and give new life to human existence, animals and plants. The Jury enjoyed in vividly animated pictures and the touch of humor in light of one of the great problems of our modern civilization. Congratulations to the 2nd prize winner!"


3. Prize: YO MAMA
by Elvira Blumfelde
University of Applied Sciences, Tampere School of Art and Media, Finland

The Climate-Clips-Jury:
"Public toilets are a place for communication for young men: to chat non-stop with another guest about everything and nothing, like Lady Gaga and Yo Mama Jokes, known from the internet in their ironic manner: What's wrong with climate change? Common sense in the clean atmosphere of public toilets. To the Jury, the use of the popular genre for a caricature of public ignorance seems a very original idea. We congratulate the 3rd prize winner."


Hofbräu Trophy

Sponsor: Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München
Prize: 1. Prize - 5,000 €, 2. Prize - 3,000 €, 3. Prize - 2,000 €

Anja Bierwisch (middle) and Dr. Michael Möller (right) from Hofbräu with the winners (winner Christoffer Borggren second from right)

by Christoffer Borggren
Fachhochschule Salzburg, Austria

by Bernhard Wenger & Rupert Höller
University of Music and Performing Arts Wien, Austria

by Maximilian Sachsse
Athanor Akademie, Germany