jury 2015
The Jury 2015: Thure Lindhardt, Anaïs Ruales, Marco Kreuzpaintner (© Anne Wilk), Nil Varol, Neil Fox

Jury Members 2015:


Marco Kreuzpaintner

Thure Lindhardt
Actor (Denmark)

Neil Fox
Programer Edinburgh International Film Festival (Scotland)

Anaïs Ruales
Award Winner 2014 of the VFF YOUNG TALENT AWARD (France)

Nil Varol
Editor for 3sat Magazin Kulturzeit; Preselection Committee Member 2014


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Preselection Committee 2015:


Selina Ukwuoma
Script Consultant (UK)

Michael Kienzl
Film Critic

Olha Reiter
Executive Producer of Lviv Film Commission and Film Fund; Co-founder and CEO of Wiz-Art (Ukraine)


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