SZFE (Hungary)

University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest

The University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest (SZFE) is the oldest art institution of higher education in Hungary that educates theoretical and practical professionals in the field of theatre, film and television. The institute celebrates the 150th anniversary of foundation in 2015, the results of a hundred and fifty years, which earned unprecedented honour, rank, prestige both at home and in the world. The teach-ers of SZFE are active artists, creative professionals of art theory and the most respected figures in their profession. The exceptionally gifted students are selected carefully from thirty times more appli-cants yearly. In small groups, using practice-oriented skills development trainings, the Hungarian art tradition is inherited from the masters to the students, while fresh creative energy constantly renews the artistic practice. The most influential living representatives of the theatre, film and television all studied at the university, and they make the university a future-shaping, significant participant of the Hungarian cultural identity.

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