RITCS (Belgium)

Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel Department RITS School of Arts

Numerous well-known Belgian film-, animation film- and television-makers, radio and documentary-makers, writers, stage actors and stage directors over the last half-century have one thing in common: they all studied at the same school, the RITCS, currently located in the old centre of the city of Brussels. As a School of Arts attached to the Erasmus University College in Brussels, the RITCS is relaxed in its embrace of the multicultural variety and multilingualism of Stromae’s home city. The small school founded in 1962 is now an internationally-celebrated institution, where a total of about 700 students take professionally- or academically-oriented Bachelor and Master courses in the audiovisual or performing arts under the supervision of about a hundred and fifty artistic and theory lecturers, practical and other tutors, assistants and visiting professors. The main focus at the RITCS is the development of one’s own artistic path, through which the student seeks his own idiom, style and themes. This quest lies at the heart of the artistic research for which one acquires the necessary skills on every course at the RITCS.

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