NATFA (Bulgaria)

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Sofia

The National Academy for Theatre & Film Arts (NATFA) is Bulgaria’s premier tertiary school and one of the top training European institutions in the fields of stage and screen arts. It was founded in 1948 and remains the only such state-funded educational institution in the country. It is located in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. The Screen Arts Faculty’s initial degree programs were opened in 1973. The curriculum in the faculty combines professional training with studies in the liberal arts. Students are provided with a variety of creative experiences, from basic to advanced, in both the conceptual and production phases of film, TV and video products, classical and computer animation. The Screen Arts Faculty is an active member of CILECT and has a representative in its Executive Council. The teaching staff features Bulgaria’s most outstanding directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, designers, photographers and critics, professionals who have demonstrated their high artistic achievements both at home and abroad. They not only share their experience but develop their own curricula in the subject areas they teach, providing an individual artistic and methodological approach.

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