MFA (Israel)

Minshar School for Art Tel Aviv

Minshar (Manifest in Hebrew) is a unique Art School, Gallery and Cultural center, which was founded almost a decade ago in southern Tel Aviv. The school’s name transports the believe that Art has to speak out clearly, be involved in its social environment and take on an important active role in the public sphere. As the school is a highly active and lively art center, it hosts six different departments: Film, Graphic Design, Photography, Animation, Fine Arts and Writing (literature, media and script writing) – approximately 350 full time students and over 100 students in the Film Department. In a short time the Film Dept. at Minshar has established a highly-esteemed reputation. Many graduate films were awarded and screened at a wider variety of International film festivals and curated for numerous screenings worldwide. Graduate films have been officially selected and screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival (2014 & 2015 Cinefoundation), won the 2014 San-Sebastian Film festival , have been selected to 2015 TIFF and Sundance in back to back years (2014 & 2015), as well as the Munich Student Film Festival.

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