KHM (Germany)

Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

The challenging project-based study it offers brings together practices, theories and reflections from the fields of film and television, art and media theory, and art in one course: the “Media and Fine Art” degree. Between media, around media or without being defined by any medium in particular, the KHM creates a special experimental climate for independent, artistic work. The individual development of artistic projects, their guidance and reflexive appropriation, is at the core of the “Media and Fine Art” degree course. These projects are supported by the interdisciplinary supervision of professors, artistic and academic staff, and technicians. Furthermore, the connection between artistic praxis and theoretical discourses, with film theory analysis and aesthetic and philosophical questioning, is an essential component of the course, the teaching and research. Building on this, the KHM doctoral programme makes the scientific/theoretical development of research projects possible with its PhD degree.

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