BEIT BERL (Israel)

Beit Berl College School of Art

From its beginning in 1995, the Film Dept. encourages students to create freely and challenge the boundaries of the language of cinema, of both the documentary and fictional short film genre.Under one roof with the mythical “Midrasha” Arts College, the Film Dept. profits from its proximity to fine arts’ studies. The Film Dept. is staffed by top Israeli film professionals, all committed to achieve quality and distinction in a free, encouraging and inspiring environment. The studies cover all areas of filmmaking from scriptwriting to cinematography, working with actors, lighting, sound recording, editing and music. In addition to the classes, the professionals-turned-teachers coach the students in a one-on-one, project-based method in all aspects of filmmaking. The Dept.’s curriculum strikes a delicate balance between intensive, hands-on filmmaking and high level studies of film theory, art history, philosophy and literature.Workshops and master classes held by top visiting filmmakers open the students to the world outside. We provide a link between our graduates and the local film and TV industries which have successfully absorbed more than 70% of our graduates.

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