Film - HFF Special 2 Filmfest 2018


Directed by Carolina Zimmermann


Director: Carolina Zimmermann
Section: HFF Special 2
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Language: German
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Laura Antonella Rauch, Jean-Luc Bubert, Angelika Auer, Max Wagner, Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski

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Pia is desperately trying to find day care for her son. For the only remaining spot, she has to compete against the perfect couple, Gerd and Michael. Her chaotic but charming ex-boyfriend shows up late, but manages to turn the day-care worker’s head. Gerd and Michael become even more determined to claim the spot for their child.

  • Duration: 10 Min.

  • Film School: HFF, University of Television and Film Munich

Meet the director


Carolina Zimmermann

Carolina Zimmermann was born in Aachen in 1984. She has a bachelor’s degree in literary, cultural, and media studies and has worked as a freelance journalist. She studies screenwriting at HFF Munich.


Screenplay: Carolina Zimmermann
Director of Photography: Nina Moog
Film Editor: Rita Hajjar
Composer: Gankino Circus, Herbert Pixner
Production Designer: Geraldine Resch
Sound: David Benke, Max Geller
Producer: Ferdos Silios-Simon