Film - Climate Clips Filmfest 2022


Directed by Vahid Omidi


Director: Vahid Omidi
Section: Climate Clips
Country: Afghanistan
Year: 2021
OT: صیاد
Language: Without Dialogue
Version: Original Version

Also in this program


The three award-winning films of the Climate Clips Award 2022 are screened during program 3. FISHERMAN was awarded the third prize.

The lake used to be a lovely place, but now it has entirely dried up. An old fisherman wistfully remembers the past, when there used to be plenty of fish in the lake: an innocent time long before factories, pollution, and global warming.

  • Duration: 2 min.

Meet the director


Vahid Omidi

Vahid Omidi is an amateur filmmaker from Afghanistan who primarily directs short films.


Screenplay: Vahid Omidi
Director of Photography: Amin Noroozi
Film Editor: Hamed Azimi, Vahid Omidi
Animation: Hamed Azimi
Producer: Vahid Omidi
Production Company: Mashgh Film