Steve Tisch School Special
Film - Specials Filmfest 2022

Steve Tisch School Special


Section: Specials
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Version: Original Version with English subtitles


Award Winning shorts Selection Program by the Steve Tisch School in its 50th Anniversary

The Steve Tisch School of Film & Television - Tel Aviv University was founded in 1972 and was the first of its kind in Israel. To this day, the it is an iconic institution, which has shaped generations of Israel’s leading figures in the Film and Television industry.

FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH takes the opportunity and celebrates the school’s 50th birthday by showing 3 of the school’s 89 films that were screened at our festival so far:


WITH RULES by Dover Kosashvili (1999)

Zaza, whose family recently immigrated to Israel, steals money from his parents’ closet. Zaza wants to buy a card for his album, like all the other children in the area. His father refuses to accept such behavior from a member of the family and wants Zaza to confess. To test Zaza’s conscience, he decides to punish Zaza’s younger brother, Dato.

  • Duration: 36 min.


MONA by Esther Kling (1998)

Mona, a radio host with a late-night show, lives in a fantasy bubble to which she escapes, incapable of handling the real world. The bubble is shattered when an admirer from her crazed audience forces his way into the studio.

  • Duration: 17 min.


AFTER by Eytan Fox (1990)

On their way to the Lebanese front, a battalion of Israeli recruits is given a day of leave in Jerusalem. The soldiers have been suffering from harassment by their lieutenant, who has it in for pretty boy Yonatan in particular. While wandering through town, Yonatan observes his commanding officer having sex with a man in a public park.

  • Duration: 45 min.