Film - HFF Special Feature Film Filmfest 2014


Directed by Lennart Ruff


Director: Lennart Ruff
Section: HFF Special Feature Film
Country: Germany
Year: 2014
Language: German
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Vincent Redetzki, Picco von Groote, Odine Johne, Daniel Friedrich

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The nocebo effect (from latin = I will harm) is, as opposed to the placebo effect, a negative reaction induced by a harmless substance. Whereas a placebo effect creates a positive response, a nocebo effect creates harmful effects.

Christian Lukas, 22, is on the run. During a medication study, he and his girlfriend Anna discovered that another participant had a fatal reaction.

Meet the director

Lennart Ruff


Screenplay: Maggie Peren
Director of Photography: Jan-Marcello Kahl
Film Editor: Ann-Carolin Biesenbach
Composer: Superstrings
Costume Design: Diana Dietrich
Sound: Peter Kautzsch
Producer: Boris Jendreyko
Co-Producer: Thomas Klimmer, Severin Höhne, Tobias M. Huber