Shoot Me!
Film - HFF/M Filmfest 2013

Shoot Me!

Directed by Narges Kalhor, Benedikt Schwarzer


Director: Narges Kalhor, Benedikt Schwarzer
Section: HFF/M
Country: Germany
Year: 2013
Language: german, farsi
Version: Original version with English subtitles

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Shoot Me!

Iranian filmmaker Narges Kalhor, daughter of a former advisor of Ahmadinejad's, has been living in exile in Germany for four years. When she hears about Iranian rapper Shahin Najafi, who is also living in exile in Germany and has had to go into hiding because of death threats he has received about one of his songs, she realizes immediately she has to find him. On her search, she encounters fear everywhere. Narges Kalhor is forced to confront her own painful memories of hatred, rage, and repression in Iran.

Duration: 30 Min.

Meet the director

Narges Kalhor, Benedikt Schwarzer


Screenplay: Narges Kalhor, Benedikt Schwarzer
Director of Photography: Julian Krubasik
Film Editor: Frank Müller
Composer: Johannes Rothenaicher
Sound: Benedikt Schwarzer
Producer: Knut Karger
Co-Producer: Benedikt Schwarzer