A King Next Door
Film - HFF Special Feature Film Filmfest 2014

A King Next Door

Directed by Isa Micklitza


Director: Isa Micklitza
Section: HFF Special Feature Film
Country: Germany
Year: 2014
Language: German
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Yoa Rahn, Herman van Ulzen, Ulrike Arnold, Arnd Schimkat, Simon Eckert

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A King Next Door

70-year-old Helmut lives in a highrise apartment and believes he is a king. His new neighbor, 16-year-old Clara is an apprentice at a local supermarket because she has no idea what she really wants to do. Helmut is convinced that Clara is a princess. He tries to convince her to be his successor to the throne...

Meet the director

Isa Micklitza


Screenplay: Isa Micklitza
Director of Photography: Bernd Effenberger
Film Editor: Isa Micklitza
Composer: Karsten Laser
Costume Design: Nina Danelon, Susann Scheller
Sound: Thomas Brekle
Producer: Tobias Herrmann
Co-Producer: Jan Gallasch, Christoph Heidrich