Film - Program 9 Filmfest 2021


Directed by Márk Beleznai


Director: Márk Beleznai
Section: Program 9
Country: Hungary
Year: 2021
Language: Hungarian
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Dorka Gryllus, Ágoston Kenéz, Benjamin Egri-Rónay

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This film is shown as part of program 9.

A woman in the shower, a boy on a bicycle. Kornél, who has just come of age, is a ticket-taker in a movie theater. Hanna, who’s about 40, is an editor at an arts journal. They happen to meet at the movie theater. Then, by chance, a second time.

  • Duration: 16 Min.

Meet the director


Márk Beleznai

Márk Beleznai studies directing as well as editing, cinematography, and screenwriting. A job as a projectionist for a small art house cinema called Cirko-Gejzír inspired him to make AGAPÉ for his second-year exams at Budapest Metropolitan University. The film has been screened at several festivals, including the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.


Screenplay: Márk Beleznai
Director of Photography: Máté Barna
Film Editor: Dániel Kőváry
Composer: Máté Obbágy
Sound: Máté Obbágy
Producer: Márk Beleznai
Production Company: Metropolitan University, Budapest