Double Happiness
Film - LCA Filmfest 2012

Double Happiness

Directed by Lin Feng Wu


Director: Lin Feng Wu
Section: LCA
Country: Singapore
Year: 2012
Language: mandarin
Version: Original version with English subtitles

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Double Happiness

Chu Chu, a Chinese girl who was adopted by a Chinese couple when she was three, comes to Singapore looking for her biological mother. After being fired by her Singaporean boss in a coffeeshop, she goes to a funeral to find her biological mother who is a 'crier'. Just at this particular moment, however, Chu Chu is informed that her foster mother has just passed away.

This film is in Program 8
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Meet the director

Lin Feng Wu


Screenplay: Lin Feng Wu
Director of Photography: ShanShan Gui
Film Editor: Ying Song