Film - Program 3 Filmfest 2016


Directed by Nina Buxton


Director: Nina Buxton
Section: Program 3
Country: Australia
Year: 2015
Language: English
Version: Original version
Cast: Jana Zvedeniuk, Stevie-Lou Answerth, Claudia Beattie, Michael Nikou

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Going to a party with your period is usually no problem, especially for a girl, shy and short-haired beautiful, who has good friends. But her tense flirt with a boy leads to the bedroom and out of control, which gets recorded on smartphones and spread in the digital crowd among the partiers. How can the heroine retaliate against sexism and cyber mobbing? The answer is in female solidarity and daring to make a crazy noise.

  • Duration: 9 Min.

  • Film School: VCA, Victorian College of the Arts, School of Film and Television

Meet the director


Nina Buxton

Nina Buxton is a Melbourne-based writer/director and 2015 graduate of The Victorian College of the Arts. Her graduating short film WOOF! premiered at the Academy® Accredited Flickerfest International Short Film Festival where she was awarded Best Editing in an Australian Short Film. She is known for writing and directing provocative short films that critically examine adolescence, gender and sexuality in a contemporary Australian context.


Screenplay: Nina Buxton
Director of Photography: Charles Alexander
Film Editor: Nina Buxton
Composer: Andrew McEwan, Andrew McConnell
Production Designer: Neneh Lucia
Costume Design: Laura Jean Hawkins
Sound: Gunay Demirci
Producer: Hannah Samuel