Film - Program 7 Filmfest 2019


Directed by Avichai Assouline


Director: Avichai Assouline
Section: Program 7
Country: Israel, USA
Year: 2018
Language: Hebrew, Yiddish
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Perri Yaniv, Justin Wilson, David Mandelbaum, Eli Rosen, Melody Bates

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Nathan is an undertaker in New York City. As a Hasidic Jew, he leads a life of piety, yet he longs for closer human and romantic relationships. Caught between his duty and his urges, he is plagued by strong feelings of guilt. This film follows Nathan in his day-to-day activities and gives us an impression of his conflicted emotions.

  • Film School: Columbia University

  • Duration: 16 Min.

Meet the director


Avichai Assouline

Avichai Assouline grew up in Jerusalem and studied filmmaking there at the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School while working as a counselor for at-risk Hasidic youth. He was also a journalist at Maariv, one of Israel’s leading newspapers. His first novel, “A Baby’s First Cry”, was published in 2009. Five years later, he enrolled in the screenwriting and directing program at Columbia University in New York City, where he made his short film PURITY.


Screenplay: Avichai Assouline
Director of Photography: Leo Purman
Film Editor: Tom Patterson
Composer: Alexander Lasarenko
Production Designer: Malky Square Production
Costume Design: Malky Square Production
Sound: Brian Velsor
Producer: Vivienne Roumani, Sushant Chaudhary