Film - Program 6 Filmfest 2021


Directed by Shira Haimovici


Director: Shira Haimovici
Section: Program 6
Country: Israel, United Kingdom
Year: 2020
Language: Hebrew
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Netta Roe, Yuli Ildis, Tamuz Levi, Yehonatan Vilozny

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This film is shown as part of program 6.

A hot summer’s day. The two hours at the small pool near Grandma’s summer house were too little for Gal, so being the headstrong teenager that she is, she secretly returns. When a couple of ultra-Orthodox Hasidic boys show up at the pool and also want to swim there, the situation quickly becomes tense.

  • Duration: 14 Min.

Meet the director


Shira Haimovici

Shira Haimovici was born and raised in Tel Aviv. She completed her film studies at the Tel Aviv Municipal High School of the Arts with the short film THE HISTORY OF LONELINESS (2013). She then did her military service as an editor and graphic designer with the Israel Defense Forces’ intelligence service. At the same time, she kept writing, shooting and producing independent short films and music videos in Tel Aviv. She made five short films as part of her advanced studies in directing at the London Film School. SUMMER SHADE is her graduation film.


Screenplay: Shira Haimovici
Director of Photography: Tamás A. Méder
Film Editor: Tamir Faingold, Ido Zeevi
Composer: Didi Erez
Production Designer: Maya Ratmansky, Michal Bergman
Sound design: Nin Hazan
Producer: Yuli Shiloach, Yael Shumuelov
Production Company: London Film School