To Put Together A Helicopter
Film - CCC Filmfest 2013

To Put Together A Helicopter

Directed by Izabel Acevedo


Director: Izabel Acevedo
Section: CCC
Country: Mexico
Year: 2012
Language: spanish
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Roberto Pichardo, Tomihuatzi Xelhua, Angeles Cruz, Melissa Guzmán, Gerardo Taracena

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To Put Together A Helicopter

Oliverio lives in a building taken over by squatters from the Mexican countryside who have to work constantly to provide the basic services lacking in the dwelling. He is 17 and spends his time playing video games. When the summer rains start, a short circuit puts an end to the patch that connected the building to the electrical system. New ideas on how to get power are brought up. Oliverio proposes a solution...

Duration: 38 Min.

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Meet the director

Izabel Acevedo


Screenplay: Izabel Acevedo
Director of Photography: José Stempa Steinberg
Film Editor: León Felipe González
Composer: Galo Durán
Production Designer: Marcos Vargas
Costume Design: Hannah del Sol Grovas
Sound: Daniel Touron
Producer: Ana Hernández