Film - Program 1 Filmfest 2018


Directed by Shai Blanc


Director: Shai Blanc
Section: Program 1
Country: Israel
Year: 2017
Language: Hebrew
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Itzik Golan, Carmit Mesilati-Kaplan, Rivka Gur, Margot Barzilai Feinstein

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Meir, a health-care worker in a nursing home, has to deal with difficult questions following a complaint about his elderly patient being injured.

  • Duration: 18 Min.

  • Film School: Beit Berl College

Meet the director


Shai Blanc

Shai Blanc was born in Herzliya, Israel, in 1986. In 2011, he began film studies at Beit Berl College. Blanc works as a high-school film teacher and is in charge of international relations and festivals at the Film Department at Beit Berl College. NO LOCKED DOORS was his second-year film; it had its international premiere at the Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. MEIR, his graduation film, won the Best Student Film Award at the Haifa International Film Festival.


Screenplay: Shai Blanc
Director of Photography: Or Dotan
Film Editor: Elad J. Primo
Sound: Vitaliy Grinshpun
Producer: Talia Levy, Barak Gonen