Donnerstag, 12.11.2015

Meet the Filmmakers: MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP

Interview mit Regisseurin Hanna Hovitie

Meet the Filmmakers: MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP

Regisseurin Hanna Hovitie


What is the teaser text for your film MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP?

A young Congolese woman shares her story of becoming a victim of child trafficking and being thrown into a whirlwind of drifting between continents.

What is the original idea of your film – how did it all start?

I heard that a friend of mine I had not seen in a while was traveling to Zambia to a refugee resettlement to research and write her Bachelor's Thesis on Congolese refugee women and gender-based violence. I was immediately intrigued by her study and decided to go with her to Zambia for a month to document the interviews with the women and the workers at the resettlement. In the end the film had a life of its own (as they always do) and it became much more focused with only one main character and her powerful story. Nevertherless, it all started from the camp.

MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP - Behind the Scenes


What was your highlight during the process of filmmaking?

The time I spent in Zambia was unforgettable and perspective-altering in many important ways. However - I must give special credit to my post production crew in Finland as well, for being very much involved with developing not only the look and sound of the film, but also the story itself and the "cinematic language" in which it was told. The post production process was a great creative collaboration.

Is it your first time in Munich? What do you expect of the city and the festival?

I have been to Munich a couple of times before. Although I have lived in Finland my whole life, I am actually half German, so I have traveled in Germany quite a bit. I am very excited to visit Munich again and I am especially looking forward to meeting the other filmmakers of course!






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