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Meet the Filmmakers: DROP

Interview mit Regisseur Yotam Knispel

Meet the Filmmakers: DROP

Regisseur Yotam Knispel


What is the teaser text for your film DROP?

Neta, a socially-rejected 11 year old, is having a nightmarish day that starts with getting her first period, right before gym class. Not wanting to face the embarrassment, she takes drastic actions. But only these actions will lead her to discover something surprising and new.

What is the original idea of your film – how did it all start?

The original idea came from thinking about embarrassment, and how far one would go to avoid it. 11 is a terrible age to be embarrassed in, and I thought of a young girl getting her period for the first time because I wanted to face the challenge of writing about adolescence from a new perspective unfamiliar to me. Obviously, never being an 11 year old girl, nor getting my period for the first time - got some people from my school skeptic whether I should do it. But I kept telling them (and myself) my honest truth - I think the film, in it's core, is about embarrassment and loneliness. Two subjects I know a lot about - especially at that age. I think it's OK to make a film about a subject that seems "distant" from you, as long as you find that hot-spot of an emotional core that hooks you. I wanted to make a twisted "chick-flick". There are no boys in this film. It's funny that people always get surprised when they see the Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Editor are men.

Szene aus DROP

What was your highlight during the process of filmmaking?

That's a tough, unfair question! There were many highs and lows. On every short I've made before DROP, and on the two shorts I've made since, I found myself having a moment on set, looking at the crew members working, or maybe just talking to one another, and thinking "They're here for me (??!!)". That's an addictive, binding feeling. And it makes me want to make the best film so they'd know they got up so early in the morning for a good cause. I want them to feel there's a reliable driver behind the wheel. On this specific project, one of the highlights was ending a very long casting process, when we found our young talented girls after eight months of search. I have a video of myself calling Noam, the leading actress, to tell her she got the part. I also had fun in sessions with the film's composer, Ayelet, who seems to fall from the same planet I came from. She got madly in love with the film and joined late in the process, so she made me look at it with fresh eyes. Adding a score to a film is like putting on spices to a dish - it's risky but it's really fucking fun.

If you weren't a filmmaker, you'd be…?

A drummer in an unsuccessful krautrock surf psych-punk rock band. But I'd still be directing all of our music videos though. (Or maybe I would just give in and become a space cowboy).

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Behind the Scenes: DROP

Is it your first time in Munich? What do you expect of the city and the festival?

I've been to Germany twice, never in Munich. After being in a few festivals abroad I can say my favorite part is obvious - meeting filmmakers from other countries is always refreshing and never, ever boring. And I honestly don't know much about the city but I'm looking forward get to know it. I won't say no to a glass of Hacker-Pschorr if found.



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