Montag, 09.11.2015

Meet the Filmmakers: A DOCUMENTARY FILM

Interview mit Regisseur Marcin Podolec

Meet the Filmmakers: A DOCUMENTARY FILM

Regisseur Marcin Podolec


What is the teaser text for your film A DOCUMENTARY FILM?

A portrait of a father, whose adult children live their own lives far away from him.

What is the original idea of your film – how did it all start?

I was going to record my parents talking but in the end I decided to choose only one main character for this film.

What was your highlight during the process of filmmaking?

I was working very fast because there were strong emotions in my head during the whole process and it was a one big highlight for me.


If you weren't a filmmaker, you'd be…?

A comic book artist. Fortunately, I am a filmmaker and a comic book artist in the same time!

Is it your first time in Munich? What do you expect of the city and the festival?

It's my second time in Munich. I was invited to Munich this year in the springtime because of the Munich Comic Book Festival - I was taking part in the Polish artists' exhibition. I really like the city - people, cafes and museums.





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