Mittwoch, 04.11.2015

Eine Rückkehr nach München

Interview mit Jurymitglied und Vorjahresgewinnerin Anaïs Ruales

Anaïs Ruales


What have you been up to after last year’s festival – are there any film projects in the making? 

Since last year, thanks to festivals, I traveled a lot. I had the chance to visit for example India and Israel, where I met friends from Filmschoolfest Munich. After that, I mainly worked as a cinematographer in different projects, and I went back to Ecuador this summer to write another script. It's not finished yet but now I think I'm going to take some time to focus on the writing. 

Did the participation in and the award at last year’s FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH have any impact on your work?

Yes, it made people more curious about my work, even more in Ecuador, where there are very few short films. It definitely opened up new possibilities and above all, it also gave me faith in my work. Receiving this prize, seeing that it touched people, is something that keeps you going.

VFF Young Talent Award 2015 für BURUNDANGA von Anaïs Ruales

What are your memories about last year’s festival?

It was really the best festival experience for me. I had the chance to meet a lot of great people from everywhere around the world. Even if they are living far away, they became good friends!

Last year, you said that you are interested in mixing disciplines and experimental filmmaking? Have you gathered any experience in this field of filmmaking?

For the moment, I'm making small videos on my own that I have not released yet. I'm still working on this, in connection with a musical project I have with friends, called "Kuntur". I think my next film will have this experimental touch i'm looking for, maybe less narrativity.

What do you expect of this year’s FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH – now that you are part of the jury?

I'm very excited to be on the other side, I just can't wait to see great films and to defend them.

Have you ever been in any kind of jury?

No, it's the first time!