Donnerstag, 13.11.2014

Meet the Filmmakers: PENTIMENTO

Interview mit Regisseur Ozan Saltık

Meet the Filmmakers: PENTIMENTO Regisseur Ozan Saltık

Describe your film PENTIMENTO in one sentence.
Military school student Alper comes home and finds out his father's - who is a retired captain - secret.

What's the idea behind the film?
These kinds of problems (unidentified murders, murders in the army) happened so often in Turkey. People who committed those murders or ignored them believed that they did those things for their country's benefit. This made them make many mistakes. I believe that the Turkish society needs to become more human. For that first of all the ones who are guilty need to change, then their children need to change. This idea made us tell the story about the young army officer and his father, who is a retired captain.


Is it your first time in Munich and/or Germany?
It will be my first time in Munich. I have been to Germany twice.

What do you expect of Munich? What are you most looking forward to?
I am looking forward to watch movies from different countries.

What is your favorite movie and who's your favorite director?
I have so many movies I love, but if I had to choose one or two, I would say "Taste of Cherry" by Abbas Kiarostami and "The Mirror" by Andrei Tarkovsky.


Why did you want to become a filmmaker?
I wanted to become a filmmaker because cinema gives us a chance to change life on screen in a way it wouldn't be possible in reality.

If you weren't a filmmaker, you'd be…?
It's too early for me to say that I am a filmmaker. But I can say that I would want to have a job that gives me a chance to encounter people in their most honest moments.


  • Dieser Film läuft in Program 9
  • Filmschule: YASAR, Yasar University Izmir