Dienstag, 18.11.2014

Meet the Filmmakers: BURUNDANGA

Interview mit Regisseurin Anaïs Ruales

Meet the Filmmakers: BURUNDANGA

Regisseurin Anaïs Ruales


Describe your film BURUNDANGA in one sentence
Pablo lives in the bottom of the tropical Andes, he feels trapped in his rainy village, dreaming about the USA. To be able to leave, all means seem to be justified.

What's the idea behind the film?
I grew up in France but I am from Ecuador. So for me, it was important to talk about this country that is not very well known. I've been in small towns that are trapped in fog and rain all year, and I really felt the sensation of confinement. I started to ask myself, what would the life of an eighteen-year-old boy be like in this place, his dreams and problems. What he would have to pass through to become an adult - love, violence and so many things! 

Is it your first time in Munich and/or Germany?
I've been in Berlin once, but it's my first time in Munich.

Behind the Scenes BURUNDANGA

What do you expect of Munich? What are you most looking forward to?
I can't wait to be there, I love discovering new places, and to combine the pleasure to watch a lot of student films from around the world with being in this city will be great!

What is your favorite movie and who's your favorite director?
It's  a hard question, but the first that comes to my mind now  is "Aguirre" from Werner Herzog. Because it's a film that is so rich on many levels. How reality and fiction are mixed together is so powerful, you can actually feel the madness of a man alone followed by hundreds of others, in search of a dream. But the only thing they found is the harshness and the beauty of nature. All the cinematographic elements work together so perfectly, the music of Popol Vuh is amazing.

Why did you want to become a filmmaker?
Because I think film unites so many things, you can include all mediums of creation in one. You can use music, paintings, words, everything you want to express and share a feeling. In cinema you can express things that are impalpable, that are not easy to define concretely.

Behind the Scenes BURUNDANGA

Who would you like to work with?
I would really love to work with huge actors to see what it feels like to have, I don't know, Jessica Chastain in front of my camera! But I'm also curious about trying other ways of making films. So I would be really pleased to meet people that are looking in this direction too. Like mixing disciplines and more experimental stuff, to try something without the pressure of a big crew and precise planning.

If you weren't a filmmaker, you'd be…?
Maybe a singer but I think I'm not rock'n'roll enough!