Sonntag, 16.11.2014

Meet the Filmmakers: ALL WE SHARE

Interview mit Regisseur Jerry Carlsson

Meet the Filmmakers: ALL WE SHARE Regisseur Jerry Carlsson Describe your film ALL WE SHARE in one sentence.
Two arborists are hired to cut down a healthy tree in a family's backyard.

What's the idea behind the film? Which situations or people inspired you to make your movie?
I read a report on mental health among LGBT youth in Sweden. The report stated that around 50 percent have had suicidal thoughts and that almost every fourth person in the group has actively tried to commit suicide. Soon after I read an article about a mother who explained about such an event, when she found her son after he had committed suicide. When I read about what had happened I felt a responsibility, something I believe that we all share. How is it possible that we have come so far in a lot of areas, but we are still not able to take care of each other?

Szene aus ALL WE SHARE

Is it your first time in Munich and/or Germany?
I've passed through Munich many times, but this is my first time staying! I'm very excited about visiting the city and also to meet all the other filmmakers!

Why did you want to become a filmmaker?
I've always had an urge to create. In film I found a combination of everything from painting to writing, but I also found that film has a big potential of affecting people and contributing to change.